December 5, 2011

New Article on Justification by Faith

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Lamb of GodI regularly teach a course entitled The Anglican Way of Theology at an “Evangelical seminary in the Anglican tradition.” We begin the course with the English Reformation, and I am repeatedly surprised when I discover every year as I grade student papers that the Reformation doctrine of “justification by grace alone through faith alone” is frequently misunderstood and causes no end of trouble for my students to get their heads around. There seems to be a lot of confusion about just what the doctrine is, and I find that, in their papers, students either regularly defend, or criticize as troublesome or incoherent, something that they call “justification by faith alone” which is not the Reformation doctrine.

The above is the beginning of a rather lengthy article I have just written about the doctrine of “justification by faith.” The rest of the article can be found in my Pages Section to the left and is entitled “Anglican Reflections on Justification by Faith”.

July 21, 2009


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For the last two months, I have been in the middle of moving to a new house. During this time, I have been short on time, but also (for a whole month) without internet–except when I am in my office. This means I have not been able to respond to your comments or add new posts. There are a lot of you who have been waiting to hear from you. I also have a new email address. If you need it, please ask for it in the “Contact Me” page.

February 18, 2009


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As I mentioned awhile back, I’ve switched to a WordPress blog, and am slowly tweaking it to work with my old ColdFusion design layout.

In an effort to stop comment spam, which was getting out of hand, I had installed a plugin that has been quite effective. Too effective. It was preventing anybody whatsoever from commenting. (Thanks goodness someone emaile me.) I found this was because of a missing line in my code that is unique to WordPress. I added the line, and the comments should now work.

I have also added a Contact Me feature. It’s on the left. Initial tests indicate it works.

Thanks for your patience. Bill

February 2, 2009

Blog Update

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Updating my blog to WordPress continues apace. I now have a very basic feature set functioning. As time permits in the next few weeks, I hope to restore things like rss feeds, ability to subscribe to blog postings, a calendar, search function, print preview and other features.

Meanwhile I am in the first few weeks of class with all that entails. Thanks for your patience.


January 27, 2009

Blog Switch!

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Hello, friends.  My friend and host Kevin Kallsen over at AnglicanTV has switched from a coldfusion server to php.  This means I also have to switch to a WordPress blog.  I promise that all the previous articles will reappear and that the incense swinging angel will once more grace the top of the page with all his unfailing energy.  I’ve temporarily given him some time off, and he’s visiting old friends over at Monty Python’s flying circus.

Meanwhile, view this spartan looking page as an exercise in ascetic discipline.

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